Sunday, August 17, 2014

Style, according to Rachel Zoe

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" -Rachel Zoe

And who I am, I've decided, is a princess. Totally reasonable identity, right?

Ok, maybe I'm not ACTUALLY a princess, but I want my bedroom to feel fit for one. Recently, I've been embracing all things girly- including taking twice weekly ballet lessons!- and have desired nothing more than to come home from my hectic life in NYC to a girly, fluffy oasis at my apartment in Brooklyn.

When I spotted this vintage pink tulle hat in a shop in Chelsea, I had visions of displaying it alongside other pretty, pink things in my apartment. 

Seeing this cake plate made think of a unique jewelry tray rather than thick slices of red velvet- although I could go for one of those, too!

This week I put the first few "princess touches" on my bedroom... what do you think? 
I found a place to "hang my hat".... and my pretty, but entirely useless, tiny lingerie inspired purse.

After a LOOONG day, few things are more comforting than a soft bed, fresh roses on the nightstand, and a lemon scented candle. I'm quite convinced that I sleep better because my duvet cover is such a beautiful, feminine white lace. Can you see the cake plate turned jewelry stand in the background? I love that! Sure I don't NEED to see all my baubles when I wake up, but it makes outfit planning more fun to see all of my fun necklaces waiting for me. 

As with most of my design projects, my bedroom is still a work in progress. But isn't any great space constantly evolving anyway? 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vintage Baubles in Chelsea

There are no shortage of cool places to shop in New York, but one neighborhood in particular keeps calling me back: Chelsea. Chelsea is home to some of my favorite restaurants, kitchen shops, and antiques shops in the city. It's also home to this gem, Pippin Vintage.
Amidst the coral, sparkly mermaid tails, and faux seaweed, there are some serious vintage pieces here!

Inside, the treasures get even better. 
 Dangling necklaces from every decade and every length line almost an entire wall.

Check out that sweet woven straw whale up there- I'm kinda wishing he was a purse and I could buy him to carry to a Beach Blanket Bingo-themed cook-out.

Even the ceiling has style, where else do you see a gold tin ceiling?! (ignore the blurry vision... too excited to take the pic!)

Next time you're in New York, make sure you put this shop on your "must do" list, you won't regret it.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Flea Market recap- Brooklyn Flea

Nothing beats a sunny day, lazy Sunday stroll through a flea market. Although Seattle's Fremont Sunday Market will always have a special place in my heart, I couldn't resist a subway ride over to Brooklyn to check out the Williamsburg location of Brooklyn Flea recently. If you're ever in New York City on a weekend, I highly recommend a trip over!

Of course, a can't miss on the way to The Brooklyn Flea is Artists & Fleas on North 7th.
A sneaky shot of just one of the many piles of vintage baubles at Artists & Fleas
Check out this great view of the Manhattan skyline on the walk from the L train to the market:
As you can tell by the shirtless gentleman in the foreground, it's been a pretty nice summer in NYC :)

The Brooklyn Flea had it all- vintage tees, crafts, specialty furniture, artisanal pickles, ice cream made from dairy produced by local cows, and some great people watching. Here are just a few photos:
Reluctant trend alert: the fanny pack is back in a big way.

Those mermaids are nailing that sunbathing pose!

Vintage maps galore

Love all the uses for Mason jars popping up at flea markets, on Pinterest, pretty  much everywhere.

These pieces reminded me so much of a favorite furniture vendor at the Fremont Flea Market

Sweet little wedding dress

Well, hello to you, too...

Great selection of vintage bottles!